What Style of Trader Am I?

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by Don Dawson                     T2W

Through my years of trading, one thing I have found is that one strategy does not fit all. We all have different risk tolerances and monetary goals. One of my goals in each E-mini Futures class I teach is to show the students a strategy and have them take it home and use it as a foundational starting point for defining their own strategy. My style is to follow the trend and enter on pullbacks. You could call this style Intraday Swing trading. This works for me because it fits my personality, patience and discipline. I understand that trading is a business dealing in probabilities and that it takes a series of trades to make a trader, not just one or two trades. However, with that said, not everybody trades like me. Of course, that is a good thing because if we all traded alike then who would take the other side of our trades? So let’s discuss some of the different trading styles and see which one fits you.

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Ketidakpastian dan Trading Plan

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Akan sulit bagi anda untuk trading jika tidak bisa menerima risiko dan ketidakpastian. Anda tidak akan selalu benar dan tidak akan selalu profit. Hal itu adalah fakta dan tidak bisa dibantah. Jangan buat diri anda kehilangan harapan ketika trading yang anda lakukan tidak mencapai apa yang diharapkan. Ada waktunya anda harus menerima apapun hasilnya daripada merenungi kegagalan. Winning trader menerima ketidakpastian, risiko dan kemungkinan untuk loss. Tapi dengan mau untuk menerima hal-hal tersebut, mereka menemukan cara untuk meraih profit.

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